Digital Interactive Media (DIM)


Digital Interactive Media


Digital Interactive Media provides students a hands-on experience with current technology in the marketplace and its application in information technology. Students will use their creativity and skills to create and edit interactive multimedia presentations, digital images, sound, and movies, and will be introduced to animation and web pages. The knowledge and skills acquired in this class will enable students to successfully perform and interact in today’s technology-driven society.


This is a digital media class with a focus on SGP Sports and digital journalism. Over the course of the school year, this class will be responsible for producing, writing, editing, and publishing the content on Students will also take part in interactive tools and will be introduced to how to use audio, video and photos with sports coverage. Students will write articles, create digital content and maintain the website.

This is a technology and writing-intensive class. Please be prepared to cover events outside of class — some outside assignments occur on the weekends, so please plan accordingly. A knowledge of and an interest in sports is highly recommended for this class. Students in this course will divide into teams. Each team will be responsible for covering a SGP athletics program during the course of their season.